It’s the 1st of March! I know a lot of people, myself included, already have another round of resolutions in mind to start the month anew. I, for one, would like to list down my own below. These will not necessarily be a lot different than the ones I listed in 2012, which shows that nothing much has changed really. But that’s why they say one must never stop trying. I still want to be better. So, here goes: 

1. PRAY. I know I always thank God whenever I notice anything I appreciate. But what I need is to be more prayerful in the sense that I should make more effort to have QT with Him to just talk to Him. It’s been a really long time since I’ve prayed like that. When I was younger, I would write my prayers on a notebook. I ought to start doing that again. And write down the things I’m grateful for everyday too. Also related to this point is going to church. It is shameful but I haven’t been as determined in attending service as I’ve been before. Blame it on my laziness in getting up and going out early. I hate to make excuses but maybe my work has something to do with it too. It’s just gotten to a point where I’m too tired to move during weekends because we had to render overtime every single workday to meet our target. Anyway, enough of the whining. I seriously hope to change that and work on my prayer life more. This picture that I found on Google pretty much sums up what I should be doing more often.


2. SAVE. I recognize that I suck at this saving thing but I have to change that now. Two years ago this was # 4 on my list but I guess my priorities have changed a little? More than keeping up appearances, I realize that I am already in my late 20’s and it’s high time I start thinking about ze future. I’ve been working for 5 years and have nothing to show for it. Seriously. I know what I did with my money. I ate it. Yeah, I spent it on too much food. I can’t exactly say I regret that because I love to eat and I enjoy food but what I need is just to be a little smarter about spending my hard earned money. In fact, in my handy dandy notebook (I like to bring a small notebook with me all the time because I like writing and making lists), I wrote down 3 points on how I could get this done. 

(1) Scrimp on food. Not exactly easy because healthy eating can be quite pricey but there are a few options like the old-fashioned oats and skimmed milk that are still healthy but inexpensive. I found a brand of milk that’s delicious and is only 60 bucks that is good for 3 days! I like it because with just two items in my pantry, I get to enjoy a quick and healthy breakfast everyday: overnight oats! I’ll go into that later. Also falling under this point is dining out. If we need to dine out, it should only be once a month - on our lunarversary. Yeah, I’m embracing that term more than monthsary, what’s wrong with me? On to the next point. 

(2) Pay myself first. I recently discovered this writer at Rappler, who’s my tokayo btw, and I’m amazed at how much she knows about saving money. I mean, I feel like we’re just about the same age and I’m not half as money savvy as her. She inspires me though because it means one can never be too young to be knowledgeable. I’m not necessarily 'too young' anymore but with my level of knowledge, I feel very much so. Anyway, I’m straying off topic. The reason I mentioned her is because I got this tip from her. I know I probably already heard this somewhere but it just didn’t stick. I came across it again in one of her articles and her point was well made. I did work hard for the money, I might as well pay myself with it. I had a different way of 'rewarding' myself back then. Not that it’s all bad, it’s just not all that good either ‘cause I end up with nada, if you know what I mean. This brings me to my last point. 

(3) Reward myself wisely. Another reason why I haven’t saved up anything is because I enjoy spending money. We all do, I suppose. But I would go to the extent of spending hours on the grocery store looking for stuff to buy, which usually just boils down to two things: toiletries and food. When I have no money on me I still go around the mall for hours, mentally tagging the stuff that I would buy. That’s with money that is not even in my hands yet! Really, I reward myself with anything because I’ve led myself to believe that I deserve to spend my own money on myself. Now that belief has changed ever so slightly. I deserve to save my own money for myself. For a moment there, I saw an image of Sir Marco and Ginny while typing that.


3. ACT. I can’t quite find one verb that would cover my never ending goal to be fit. I chose act because I have to start acting on my intentions and be consistent about it. Like what a quote that I saw on twitter said, just talking about eating healthily and exercising regularly won’t cut it. I keep reading and 'researching' about how to prepare healthy food and work out effectively and I would try practicing them for some time but then I always end up eating unhealthy fast food when out and lying down in bed when home. What gives? Lack of persistence/determination/resolve. It should be easier now, what with all the information available on the worldwide web. The problem really is getting it done. I have, however, started eating healthy breakfast very recently. Breakfast is after all the most important meal of the day. I discovered that you need not cook oatmeal in the morning and eat it warm because I can just prepare it the night before (no cooking necessary), keep it in the fridge, and bring it out the next morning cold and ready to eat! I just add strawberries, raisins, grapes, peanut butter, chocolate powder, anything I fancy and it’s all good. What a hearty and healthy breakfast! I used to be a fan of cereal but that’s a little more expensive option. I can still alternate that with my current breakfast of choice though. Again, sub-points coming up but shorter and direct to the point this time.

(1) Exercise at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week. We all already know this.

(2) Watch what you eat. More fiber and protein; less carbs and sugar. This one’s challenging.

(3) Plan meals ahead. Make a regular schedule for exercise. Keep a diary of both. 

My personal fitspirations are also my favorite couple: Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff. I get really inspired to workout with Anne’s IG pre-/post- workout photos while I learn a lot about preparing healthy and yummy meals from reading Erwan’s blog. I still can’t get over how easy (and delicious) was his simple carbonara.   


Below are more of the resolutions I wrote on my notebook while on the plane to Manila on New Year’s Day. 

I. Write down goals or figure ‘em out. We’re on the 3rd month of the year and I still have no clue.

II. Be more productive. Write a to-do checklist on days off. And do tick them off! So I don’t just bum around all day. 

III. Get enough sleep and not stay up all night reading whatever online. Lack of a good night’s sleep affects making time for prayer, exercise, and breakfast. 

So there. That’s that! Here’s to a purposeful rest of the year 2014! - LC

Bonus resolution: Write on this blog more. Even when no one is reading. :D  


#CasualWorkwearFormula 1 = buttondown + skinnies with matching accesories (Bag and shoes). #mustard printed buttondown c/o mom’s closet 💛 #ootd #NOT View Larger

#CasualWorkwearFormula 1 = buttondown + skinnies with matching accesories (Bag and shoes). #mustard printed buttondown c/o mom’s closet 💛 #ootd #NOT

Floral onesie #ootd for post-valentine’s day with @vnz_12 #feb14isoverrated #lunchdate #movienight (at Bonifacio High Street) View Larger

Floral onesie #ootd for post-valentine’s day with @vnz_12 #feb14isoverrated #lunchdate #movienight (at Bonifacio High Street)